'Teamwork makes the dream work.' John C. Maxwell


Our Vision is to be the leading reputable Engineering consultancy firm in Africa.


Our Mission is to be a centre of excellence for engineering consultancy services, providing a service that is complete with honesty and skill.



We are guided by our values in our service delivery as a mark of our commitment to excellence:

  • Professionalism

Seeking to achieve the highest quality standards in conduct, aims, and qualities that characterize our outputs and the process of delivery.

  • Commercial Orientation

Management shall seek to focus on the commercial purpose of the business to ensure that the company does not make losses in its execution and delivery by consistently delivering to the expected standards.

  • Performance and Team Orientation

Focusing on defining the entire team’s and each individual’s task/goals on the project

  • Customer Focus

Listening to customers and working toward meeting their needs

  • Creativity and Solutions Focus

Finding innovative solutions with available resources

  • Social responsibility

Actively participating in activities that are of benefit to the employees and the society

  • Environmental sensitivity

The Company will apply the precautionary principle, seek to minimise the environmental impact of its activities and promote environmental responsibility.

  • Zero Tolerance to corruption

The Company will prohibit the giving of any bribes, kickbacks or other improper payments to government officials, civil servants or anyone else in order to influence them. The fact that bribery may be an accepted local practice in a country does not relieve the Company of the duty to comply with this policy. An employee offered a bribe must reject it and report the circumstances immediately to management.